A brief introduction to the load moving skates

- Nov 27, 2017-

The style of the load moving skate is varied. The performance of each load moving skate is also different. First of all, attention should be paid to the structure of the load moving skate, which will use strong heavy design, the large diameter rollers are equipped. The model of the load moving skate will also be equipped with a traction rod.


The biggest feature of the load moving skate is that only its front two wheels can rotate the direction, so that it will change the direction in the movement, and can also force its turn in a static state.


This type of small load moving skate can be used together with multiple sets. However, when the equipment is used in combination, pay attention to coordinating the moving direction of the small load moving skate. It must not work on the slope, to avoid the unpredictable consequence.


The emergence of the load moving skate has replaced the traditional rolling logs, and has become a moving tool approved by most enterprises today.


The load moving skate is easy to use, and also has the characteristics of saving time and effort. However, for the customers who use it first time or never used it, they should correctly load and unload heavy objects, according to the relevant standard operation, to avoid tilting.