Advantages of machine moving skates and inspection of their wheels

- Oct 17, 2018-

As a kind of intelligent handling equipment, the machine moving skates have many advantages. For example, the machine handling tank is small in size and heavy in weight; it is made of forged steel plate and has strong bearing pressure; and the wheel material is made of silicone resin and is resistant to pressure. It can also protect the ground from oil stains; the sliding wheel does not require maintenance, and the rubber layer on the surface protects the material and increases.


The machine moving skates have shown good stability during use, has a large load capacity, can be equipped with a joystick, and is portable and easy to turn. At the same time, it is also easy to operate, as long as it can be used with the topping tool to save a lot of work cycle; no maintenance, the product itself is simple and requires no maintenance.


After the machine is used, the wheel needs to be inspected regularly. When it is found that the wheel of the handling tank is inflexible, the bearing clearance is large, and the noise is large, the bearing should be replaced; when the handling tank wheel is damaged, it should be replaced in time; It is important to ensure that all wheels are working properly. A few wheels fail to work and can cause the entire truck to deteriorate.