Applicable Principles of hrizontal plate lifting clamps Lifting Method

- Apr 21, 2018-

The hrizontal plate lifting clamp is also a kind of lifting device, but it is the opposite of the vertical steel lifting clamp. It is mainly used for the horizontal lifting of the steel plate. It is suitable for lifting steel plates smaller than 125mm, and the load range is 0.8-30 tons. The vertical steel plate clamp is mainly used for the vertical lifting of the steel plate and is suitable for the steel plate with the lifting thickness of less than 100mm, and the load tonnage is 0.8-30 tons.


When the hrizontal plate lifting clamps lifts the steel plate, it is also necessary to select an appropriate lifting mode not only for the purpose of lifting the material to a designated position, but also for ensuring the safety and stability of the lifting process of the steel plate. Sex. So what kind of lifting mode is available?


One is the bundled lifting. This lifting method is suitable for lifting the slats. Before hoisting, check whether the binding is imprisoned and avoid accidents. The other is the use of special tools for lifting, most of the use of steel hanging, mainly used for steel plate loading and unloading, the use of three points plus lifting method.


Steel clips can also be used, limited to short-distance displacements for in-field construction, not for material lifting on board, this method must adopt 2 points 4 points symmetrical lifting, unilateral goods do not allow single point crane The steel plate must not exceed 2 sheets. The method of short-distance transfer of steel plate clamps as internal steel plates is limited to the vertical lifting of single steel plates.


The hrizontal plate lifting clamps can also be lifted by the permanent magnet lifting device, and is more suitable for the infield flat plate lifting, which is limited to one steel plate at a time. In short, the user must combine the horizontal crane crane with different lifting modes according to different actual conditions and requirements.