Application and installation method of manual geared trolley

- Jun 14, 2018-

In the process of manual geared trolley, the main driving force is the bracelets, and it walks on the lower edge of the I-beam track. The hand chain hoist is mounted on the lower part of the vehicle to form a hand-drawn single-track vehicle, usually installed on a straight track, or on a curved single-track overhead transport line or a manual single-beam bridge cantilever type crane.


Manual geared trolley are widely used. The areas involved include plant installations, miner docks, shipyards, warehouses, and computer room equipment installation and cargo lifting. Especially in the maintenance of equipment without a power source, it shows outstanding advantages. Its structure is usually composed of a left wall plate, a right wall plate, a hanging shaft, a lifting ring, a bracelet wheel, and a transmission shaft. The left and right wall plates on the walk were respectively equipped with rollers, and the hanging shaft passed through the left and right wall plates and fastened with nuts.


In the manual geared trolley, the installation of the lifting ring is at the center of the suspension shaft, and the chain hoist is suspended on the lifting ring. For example, a 20-ton monorail is formed by connecting two 10-ton monorails with special rings. In actual operation, the zipper strip and the drive shaft of the hand can be turned to move on the track by driving the roller through the gear.


In order to satisfy different track width requirements during use, the user can adjust the washer by using an adjusting washer installed inside or outside the wall plate. When installing a hand-guided monorail, the number of adjusting washers on the inside of the left and right wall plates should be equal. However, in order to ensure the gap between the side of the track and the edge of the roller, the number of adjusting washers on both sides of the ring is allowed to differ by one.


After the vehicle is assembled on the track, the nuts on the suspension shaft should be properly pre-tensioned and light-loaded and put into trial operation. After the roller and track are on, tighten the nut on the outside of the hand-guided monorail. Special attention should be paid to the nut. Must be locked together. In addition, after the installation of the manual geared trolley is completed, it is also necessary to properly adjust the gap between the roller bushing and the track ground so as to meet the specified requirements.