Application and type of lifting equipment

- Sep 25, 2017-

1. What is a Lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment, which is from a professional point of view, it refers to the material after the start of vertical or vertical and horizontal transport, to reach the destination after the unloading, and then empty the trip back to the material location, so you can complete a work cycle , And at the same time, again lifting or handling work. And can complete these work equipment, is for the lifting equipment.

2. What are the specific applications of lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment application, if specifically speaking, is for the handling of items into pieces. If it is equipped with grapple, then, it is possible to carry out these bulk materials such as coal, ore and grain. If equipped with Sheng barrels, it can be used to carry liquid materials, such as molten steel.

3. What are the specific types of lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment, in the specific species, in general, if the structure by the points, then there are small lifting equipment, lifts, cranes and overhead monorail series and so on. In the small lifting equipment, there are lifting tackle, spreader, jack, manual hoist, electric hoist and winch, etc. These main features are for the small size, light weight and easy to use. And some of them may be used as hoisting mechanisms for cranes.

In addition, in the lifting equipment, the crane is one of the common types, but also can be said that the lifting equipment on behalf of, it is a certain range, can be vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of multi-action lifting equipment The

4 different lifting equipment, its common ground, what is it?

Lifting equipment, which is different types, but also there are many types, so the structure, there is a big difference. However, between them, but also have in common, is to be able to achieve the basic movements of movements, therefore, are a hoisting mechanism.

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