Application management and service life of Double Steel Plate Lifting Clamp

- Mar 29, 2019-

It is very important that the Double Steel Plate Lifting Clamps are safe and free of disasters during the operation. The products are used in order to improve their working efficiency and the service life of the steel lifting clamps and reduce the cost. Before and after, the management and inspection of steel lifting clamps must be managed and inspected by steel lifting clamps.


1. Manage indoors by purpose


After the double-plate lifting clamps are used, do not place the steel plate clamps outdoors. They must be separately sorted and managed according to the purpose.


2. Double steel lifting clamps are frequently inspected and repaired


Before using the steel plate pliers, be sure to check to ensure that the steel lifting clamps are safe and sound, and at least once a month, the steel lifting clamps are inspected and repaired, regardless of the number of work. During the inspection and maintenance, Be sure to oil the steel plate clamp.


3. It is strictly forbidden to use dangerous steel wrenches


Steel lifting clamps with deformation or damage have been found. They must be prohibited from being used and replaced immediately. When starting work, be sure to check the inspection labels.


4. It is recommended to replace parts early


It is very dangerous to use replaceable parts to the maximum limit of use. For handling of high hardness or the same steel plate, the cam and screw jaws must be replaced in advance.