Application of horizontal lifting clamps in steel mills

- May 06, 2019-

The horizontal lifting clamp is used to lift and transport the flat ordinary steel plate. It is a single-lever type. When lifting, the lever principle is used to generate the clamping force from the weight of the lifting object. When the horizontal lifting clamp is used for hanging and hanging work, it shall be carried out by the qualified person who suspends the hanging work, and the lifting clamp corresponding to the purpose shall be selected and used within the allowable load range, and shall not be overloaded.


In order to avoid the weight of the hanging objects, it is best to use more than two tongs for safety. Check the bite, gasket, inter-tooth blockage, wear status and other anomalies before use. Check and use. With the development of industrialization and mechanization, the demand for steel continues to increase, and in the steel mills that produce steel, horizontal lifting clamps play an important role.


Steel mills are places where steel is produced. There are many types of steel plates in the interior, and the number of steel plates will increase as people's demand increases. After the steel plate is produced, it needs to be carried out by people. If it is carried out by manpower alone, it will not only take time and increase the cost, but it can be easily done by means of horizontal lifting clamps.


The design of the horizontal lifting clamp is based on the weight of the steel plate. The models of the lifting clamps for different tonnage steel plates are different. Before lifting the steel plate, just understand the weight of the steel plate and then choose the appropriate one. With heavy tongs, it can be easily lifted to a designated location by means of a lifting device, saving time and effort.