Application range and specification requirements of the oil barrel tongs

- Dec 09, 2017-

Oil barrel tongs are very suitable for vertical lifting oil drums. The load range of the whole equipment is 0 - 0.2 tons.Oil barrel tongs are made of low carbon high quality alloy steel.

The product description of the oil barrel tongs

Oil barrel tongs can only carry 580 mm standard steel drums. The standard iron drum can be automatically grabbed and released with the left light olecranon clamp, and the material in the drum can be poured out with the middle clamp and the right speed reducer. In the process of production, tongs can be customized according to the requirements of special specifications.

The application range of the oil barrel tongs

1. Used to lift, carry, and overturn the drums in many industrial locations.

2. Easily control the reducer with the handle to turn the drum 360° and stop at any angle.

3. Lift and carry by forklift truck.

4. Equipped with unique " parrot mouth" clamp, easy to carry a small amount and pour barrels.

5. It can handle 200L steel drum.

6. It can adjust the hoop lock design.

The product specification of the oil barrel tongs

1. Outline dimension: Length 850mm. Width 1000mm. Height 960mm.

2. Weight: 84Kg

3. Carrying capacity: 300 Kg