Application range of vertical plate clamp

- Apr 19, 2018-

The vertical plate clamps are mainly used for lifting and transporting ordinary steel plates that are placed vertically. They can be used for lifting steel plates. When lifting H-beams and I-beams, they can be used in double use. They can be used with double lifting cylinders or with beams. Supporting lifting steel plate, and lifting the steel plate with two legs rigging.


The vertical plate clamp use the weight of the hanging object to generate the clamping force, and is equipped with a safety self-locking device operated by a handle. When the operating handle is turned to the upper limit position, the safety self-locking device can generate an auxiliary clamping force under the action of the spring force, and the clamp jaw has a pre-clamping force before the hanging object has produced its clamping force. When the vertical plate lifting clamp needs to remove the lifting object, it only needs to turn the operating handle to the lower limit position. At this moment, the nipper plate opening is turned to the maximum and locked by the safety self-locking device for loading and unloading.


In practical use, the appropriate lifting and lifting clamps should be selected according to the weight and thickness of the steel plate. The steel lifting tongs must not be overloaded. Move the handles of the vertical tongs so that the locking plate pushes the connecting arm. Then the tongue is in the connecting arm. The maximum opening is below the limit. Push the vertical pliers to insert the plate into the jaws of the vertical pliers until the bottom, and then pull the handle back so that the tongue of the vertical pliers grips the plate.


When the double-limb rigging links the vertical clamp to lift the same steel plate, the feet of the gimbal rings do not exceed 60 degrees, the top angle of the gimbal rings does not exceed 30 tons, and the maximum lifting weight of the two vertical tongs does not More than 1.5 times the weight of a single limb. It should be borne in mind that vertical lifting clamps are only suitable for vertical lifting of steel plates and are strictly prohibited for horizontal lifting of steel plates.


If the vertical lifting clamp is severely inclined after the lifting of the steel plate, the vertical lifting clamp should be reinstalled. It is forbidden to touch and impact the steel plate in the lifting project. The steel plate clamp is not suitable for the lifting of the stainless steel plate. The lifting position of the steel plate is not Allow oil.