Attention requirements and application areas of Horizontal Lifting Clamp

- Mar 25, 2019-

The Horizontal Lifting Clamp is a small lifting tool for lifting steel plates in the process of operation. It is compact in structure, light in weight and easy to install. It is used in shipyards, steel structure installation, steel market, Machining, steel plate welding, steel plate cutting, horizontal horizontal steel handling, etc.


Horizontal lifting clamps are actually a more dangerous project, because the steel plate itself is dangerous to the operator. If it is not properly used and accurately understands the precautions, it will trigger a huge danger. Regardless of which lifting work is done, regardless of the speed of the project, we should put personal safety first, which is the most important.


What should you pay attention to when lifting clamps?


1. When carrying out hoisting work, it must be operated by qualified operators and familiar with the operating instructions. Only if you are familiar with these, can you ensure that the steel lifting clamp will not cause dangerous accidents when lifting the steel plate.


2. According to your own lifting method and steel plate size, choose the appropriate steel plate clamp, and check whether the self-locking device of the steel plate clamp is sensitive and reliable, whether the fastener is loose and all the parts are normal, check the problem. Can be used.


3. It is necessary to check whether the bite of the steel plate clamp is clamped to the steel plate, whether the locking device is in the locked position, and the operation is started without any mistake. When lifting the work, it is strictly forbidden for the worker to enter the steel plate to fall or flip the area.


4. It is strictly forbidden to overload the work. It is strictly forbidden to knock or collide with the steel plate to avoid falling off.


5. In order to avoid the situation of heavy weight, it is best to use more than two tongs. It is strictly forbidden to hoist one or more steel plates with one steel plate clamp. In the case of load, do not stay in the air for a long time. It is strictly prohibited to make the steel plate move rapidly or Stop quickly.