Chain Hoist Related Maintenance Knowledge

- Aug 10, 2017-

On the maintenance of chain hoist, we are in use after the completion of the fact that it is necessary to pay attention to the chain hoist should be cleaned up, coated with anti-rust grease, followed by, in fact, should be our equipment should be stored in the relative Relatively dry place, the purpose of doing so is to prevent the chain hoist due to moisture and rust or corrosion phenomenon.

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In the chain hoist maintenance and repair time, it should be more familiar with the equipment from the organization to carry out this time, we actually should use kerosene to clean our hoist parts, for the gear and bearing parts, in fact, It is necessary to add a series of butter to lubricate, strictly prohibit people who do not understand the principle of the performance of the machine at random disassembly.

Chain hoist after cleaning and maintenance, it should be carried out a series of no-load test, this time, we should actually be sure to work properly, it is very reliable in the brake when it can be delivered to use ; For the friction surface of the brake is actually should be kept clean. Brake parts should always be checked to prevent the failure of the brake phenomenon, the phenomenon of heavy objects from the fall.

For the chain hoist hoisting wheel about the bearing roller maintenance, we can actually use butter that can be directly attached to the already loaded in the lifting sprocket journal bearing inner ring above, and then loaded into the Wall of the bearing outer ring.

Chain hoist in the installation of the brake part of the time, we actually have to pay attention to the ratchet teeth and paw claw on the meshing is better, the control of the spring on the paw is actually more should be more A base Flexible and reliable, when the chain hoist installed after the hand wheel, we actually should pay attention to should be clockwise to rotate the hand wheel, in order to facilitate our maintenance and demolition, one of the bracelet is not allowed to be welded.

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