Clamping force of vertical lifting steel lifting clamp and safe operation rules

- Aug 18, 2018-

The vertical lifting steel plate lifting clamp is a lifting tool used for vertical lifting of steel plate articles, and the clamping force between the jaws and the steel plate is an important factor affecting the safety of the lifting steel plate lifting clamp, if the lifting clamp If the clamping force between the tongs and the steel plate is too large, the steel plate will be damaged and the life of the jaws will be shortened. In severe cases, the stress of the tongs or tongs of the lifting tongs will exceed the allowable stress, causing the lifting tongs to break. . If the clamping force between the lifting jaws and the steel plate is not large or insufficient, the steel plate will slip off, and all of the above phenomena will cause an accident.

Safety rules for the use of vertical lifting steel lifting clamps

1. Vertical lifting steel lifting clamps must be familiar with this safety operation before using lifting clamps.

2. Check the wear and deformation of the hoisting before use and register the inspection results on the inspection record. Lifting should be free of cracks, sharp angles, burrs, corrosion, warping and torsion. Whether all of the rotating parts are flexible or not, the fasteners cannot be loosened. If the section of the stressed member is worn, the corrosion reaches 10% of the original size or the jaw opening is increased by 10% compared with the original size, it must be scrapped and must not be used.

3. Horizontal lifting clamps can only be used for horizontal lifting of steel plates, and other uses are strictly prohibited.