Classification, characteristics and application advantages of steel plate handling clamps

- Apr 29, 2019-

Steel plate handling clamps are also known as lifting clamps, steel lifting clamps, elevators, and tongs when operating. They are a lifting device.


Classification of steel plate handling pliers


Horizontal hanging steel plate clamps, vertical hanging steel plate clamps, flipping clamps, laminated steel plate clamps, veneer clamps, etc.


Main characteristics of steel plate handling pliers


The steel plate conveying pliers are forged from low-carbon high-quality alloy steel. It is safe and reliable in operation, compact in structure, light in weight, fixed hanging beam, easy to install, and quick and convenient to adjust the rail width.


Use of steel plate handling pliers


Steel plate handling pliers


Steel plate handling pliers are mainly used for horizontal and vertical lifting of steel plates and inversion of steel sections.


How to use steel plate handling pliers


Before the steel plate carrying tongs are inserted into the horizontal steel plate tongs, the hoisting pressure plate is pulled to open the horizontal steel plate hoisting needles, and the two lifting hooks are respectively inserted and moved to the hoisting steel plate, close to the bottom surface of both sides of the straight line passing through the center of gravity. The lifting plate is pulled by the lifting wire rope, and the lifting plate is pressed tightly on the lifting hook to lift. The steel plate should be placed in the place where the block is placed in advance, so that the hook can be withdrawn from the steel plate with a large lifting length. To prevent the deflection from being too large or to reduce the bending deformation of the lifting member, two pairs of horizontal steel plate lifting pins can be used for lifting.