Comparison of Steel plate lifting clamps and Hook of Hanging Steel Plate

- Sep 28, 2017-

Steel plate lifting clamps is a lifting tool, can be used in conjunction with the lifting equipment to complete the lifting and handling work.

Horizontal hanging plate lifting clamp, which in the specific type or model, there are THK / THKS horizontal hanging plate lifting clamp, PDB horizontal steel plate lifting clamp, L horizontal hanging plate lifting clamp, LA horizontal steel plate lifting clamp , PPD hanging steel plate lifting clamp, and HPC horizontal steel plate lifting clamp and so on. Its application, mainly used for the lifting of steel work. And, in the lifting, the general is two or four pairs used.

Steel plate hook and Steel plate lifting clamps can be carried out lifting operations. Steel plate lifting clamp, with self-clamping this function, while the hook is not this function.

Vertical Steel plate lifting clamps before the main use to check some important and key parts and components, with or without problems, whether it can be used normally. Moreover, the plate lifting clamp can not be overloaded, and can not be super-performance, so as not to damage, thus affecting the service life of Steel plate lifting clamps.

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