Daily maintenance method of hand chain block

- Oct 22, 2018-

Many users will put it on the side after using the chain hoist, so that the chain hoist will not be used for a long time in the harsh environment, which will reduce its service life. In fact, the chain hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease in a dry place to prevent moisture rust and corrosion.


The maintenance and overhaul of the hand chain block should be carried out by those who are more familiar with the hoist structure. If no professional has to follow the manufacturer's instructions, use kerosene to clean the hoist and lubricate the gear and bearing parts with butter. The brake is one of the main components of the hoist and the friction surface must be kept clean. The brake part needs to be checked frequently to prevent the brake from malfunctioning and lifting the cargo from falling.


The roller of the left and right bearing of the lifting sprocket of the hand chain block can be adhered to the inner ring of the bearing which has been press-fitted to the journal of the hoisting sprocket and then put into the outer ring of the bearing of the wallboard. When installing the brake device part, pay attention to whether the ratchet tooth groove and the pawl claw are well meshed. After the hand wheel is rotated, the ratchet wheel and the friction plate are pressed against the brake seat, and the ratchet wheel ratchet is rotated counterclockwise. There should be a gap between the friction plates. After the cleaning and maintenance of the chain hoist, the no-load test should be carried out to confirm that the work is normal and the brake can be delivered when it is reliable.