Determination of lifting scheme for vertical plate lifting clamps

- Dec 26, 2018-

The practical application of vertical steel lifting clamps often needs to be determined according to the working conditions on site, so it is necessary to rationally formulate corresponding lifting schemes. In fact, the lifting program is tailor-made for a lifting operation. Under normal circumstances, the lifting operation does not require a special solution, and the lifting operator can complete it.


However, for some lifting requirements with high difficulty, it is necessary to develop a reasonable lifting plan for the operator to perform. The lifting scheme is a complete calculation of all aspects of the entire operation, reducing uncertainties. For large or complex vertical steel lifting clamp lifting operations, it is necessary to develop a reasonable lifting scheme.


In the process of formulating the plan, the safety of the work should be analyzed first, and supervision and inspection should be carried out. Supervision and inspection is an important part of any complete safety management system. In short, in the process of lifting equipment using vertical plate lifting clampss, safety management is an important part of safe production. By improving the management system, strengthening management and improving management level, the risk of lifting operations can be completely controlled. In the range.