DFQ turn clamp use and use requirements

- Nov 26, 2018-

The main purpose of the DFQ turn clamp is to be used for horizontal lifting of steel plates, vertical transportation and overturning of steel sections. The DFQ flip lifting clamp is made of low carbon alloy steel. Its load range is 0-10 tons. Be careful not to collide with the object to be lifted during the lifting process.


In the lifting operation, it must be ensured that the carrying capacity is within the tolerance of the DFQ turning lifting clamp and must not be overloaded. The single turning pliers allow the lifting weight to be the rated load. It can be used alone in the lifting operation, and the beam must be added during horizontal lifting.


The structural design of the DFQ turn clamp is usually a small structure, which is light in weight, easy to operate, safe and reliable in operation, and quick and convenient to adjust the width of the clamping rail. The hanging clamp series is widely used in shipyards, steel structure installation, steel market, machining, steel plate welding, steel plate cutting, horizontal steel plate handling, vertical steel plate moving and other work occasions.