Different environments need to buy different lifting clamps

- Jun 21, 2017-

Although the steel plate lifting clamp is only a small lifting tool, but there are many different types and models of any choice. Appropriate steel clamps are also important for the use of heavy objects.

Need to level the lifting of the steel plate, then we should use the hanging steel plate lifting clamp, in the use of time to ensure that the center of gravity of the steel plate is stable.

Need to vertical lifting, then you need to use vertical hanging plate lifting clamp, when used in the attention of the use of steel clamp self-locking function, to avoid falling steel plate.

The need for multi-storey time-saving words, you need to use a multi-layer lifting steel clamp, this steel clamp can lift a number of steel plate, but when lifting the attention of the same type of attention to choose the same type of steel clamp.

For safety reasons, Xiaobian still suggest that you choose a single lifting steel clamp, high efficiency is also not delay things also safe.