Disposal standards and precautions for oil drum lifting clamps

- Jan 07, 2019-

In order to ensure safe operation, it is necessary to carry out quality inspection on the drum lifting clamps on a regular basis. When such two situations occur, it should be scrapped: 1. The nipper plate, the arm plate is deformed or cracked; 2. The shaft pin and the shaft hole wear amount exceeds 5% of the original diameter. The oil drum lifting clamp is suitable for lifting the oil drum. If the iron powder is installed in the barrel, in order to ensure the safety of the work, two cranes must be used.


Note that you need to read the instruction manual carefully before using the product. Remember not to use the drum lifting clamp to lift the missing bucket, or the old barrel with the edge deformation and repair, it can be lifted after confirmation; the maximum weight of the single barrel clamp allowed to lift is the rated load, single or in the lifting operation Used in groups.


Regarding the lifting and lifting clamps of oil drums, the operation specifications shall be observed, and collision accidents shall not occur during the entire lifting period. The test load is twice the rated load and the breaking load is 4 times the rated load. Usually the oil drum lifting clamp is made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel, and the lifting process should be stable.