Double plate lifting clamp properties and maintenance requirements

- Mar 12, 2018-

Speaking of the double plate lifting clamp, it will be applied to the lifting of the steel plate itself, and in terms of the load range, it must be in the 0-16T type lifting pliers; on this double plate lifting pliers, The use of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel manufacturing, the main will be two tests for the rated load, hoisting operations in which two or four supporting the use of a large steel plate will inevitably add beams.


When the double plate lifting clamp are used in practical use, in this respect, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of steel plate clamps suitable for lifting; it is necessary to check the use of the steel pliers first, and if so, then Must pay attention to check the biting head, gasket, clogging between teeth, wear status and other abnormal phenomena, check and confirm before use; can not make the hanging move sharply or stop sharply; allowable plate thickness Used within range.


After that, when it comes to the maintenance of the double-plate lifting pliers, the plate lifting pliers will actually be a cycle after it is used for about 1-15 days. And in this case, we actually need to do it again. Lubricate with oil. Energize him.


If the bolts and bearings of the double plate lifting clamp are concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the threaded part of the pressure nut must be added to the oil to be lubricated. After that, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the ball must be clamped. It wipes the threads of the clamping bolt clean. If the wiping is not clean, the grease attached to the thread is very easy to slip, and it will be particularly dangerous to operate.


Regularly clean the double plate lifting clamp. Do not allow the dirt to hide. Use a rag or steel ball to remove the movable part and the clamp part clamped in the double plate lifting clamp and its clamping. Miscellaneous items such as bolts. When the double plate lifting pliers encounter debris that cannot be removed, the spherical chuck and the clamping bolt must be replaced in time. Extended equipment life.