Double steel plate lifting clamp instructions and installation instructions

- Sep 30, 2017-

Double steel plate lifting clamp instructions:

(1) double steel plate lifting clamp before lifting, we must first check, mainly to see the steel center of gravity, whether the composition of the clamp in the center of the polygon.

(2) After the steel plate is lifted, it should be in a horizontal state. When the angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane is greater than a certain angle, the position of the clamp should be adjusted to maintain the level of the steel plate.

(3) should be based on the weight and thickness of steel plate, select the appropriate double plate lifting clamp, so that in order to have a good effect.

Double steel plate lifting clamp, in the course of its use, is to reserve a certain amount of load margin, because it is generally used in pairs, so only in order to ensure the desired purpose of use. In addition, the steel clamp on the opening, nor too big or too small, to use within the opening range, so Caixing. If this area is exceeded, then there will be a problem.

Double steel plate lifting clamp, which is clamped on this part of the steel plate, its main, there are two parts, one is similar to the hook of this part, used to insert the steel under the flat, usually flat. The other part, it is for the presser foot, is pressed on the steel plate above. Moreover, the greater the weight of the steel plate, the greater the clamping force of the hook and the presser foot to the steel plate.

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