Double steel plate lifting clamp scrap standard and preparation before use

- Jul 11, 2018-

1. Properties and unusable condition of double steel plate lifting clamp

Double steel plate lifting clamp, which is one of the steel lifting clamps, and is a more common and commonly used one. In addition, in the steel plate lifting clamp, in addition to the double steel plate lifting clamp, there are ordinary steel plate lifting clamps, vertical lifting steel lifting clamps, horizontal lifting steel lifting clamps and the like. Therefore, there are many types of steel lifting clamps.


Double steel plate lifting clamp, which cannot be used, are:

Case 1: The link in the lifting clamp is broken.

Case 2: Cracks, cuts, dents, severe corrosion, and fading due to heat are present on the lifting clamp.

Case 3: Problems such as deformation of the link, lifting ring or connecting ring on the lifting clamp.


2. Double steel plate lifting clamp scrap standard

Double steel plate lifting clamp, which is one of the steel lifting clamps, so it also has corresponding scrapping standards, which is:


(1) The link in the double steel lifting clamp is broken;

(2) Cracks, cracks, etc. appear on the double-steel lifting clamps, or the corrosion is more serious, and fading occurs due to heat influence;

(3) The components on the lifting clamp are seriously deformed, or the nameplate of the lifting clamp is lost and the writing is unclear;

(4) The chain of the double-steel lifting clamp is reduced by 10% on the average diameter;

(5) The lifting clamp chain is stretched by more than 3% at any location or under any circumstances;

(6) The hook in the double-steel lifting clamp has a larger width and exceeds 10%.


3. Preparation before use of double steel plate lifting clamps

Double steel lifting clamps, which have some preparation work before use, which is:

The position of the double-steel lifting clamps needs to be confirmed. During the winding or rolling process, the locking bars or spring hooks should be avoided from contacting the cables, chains and rings. In addition, the steel pliers installation position and locking position should be checked, whether the installation position is higher than the center of gravity of the hanging object, and whether the locking position can work normally. In addition, make sure that the steel plate clamp is fully inserted to prevent the hanging material from falling off during lifting.