Double steel plate lifting clamps are divided into horizontal hanging, vertical hanging, concrete, horizontal, spiral, tensile, non-injured, etc.

- Feb 06, 2019-

Advantages and application range of double steel plate lifting clamp

Application range of double steel lifting clamp

Double steel plate lifting clamps are mainly used for special fixtures for steel, steel and steel structures. Vertical steel plate clamps have vertical and vertical cranes for steel plates, sections, flat steel, steel beams, steel plates, iron plates, and iron steel structures. Steel tongs for concrete such as objects and steel frames are mainly used for concrete construction sites.

Double steel lifting clamps can be used for superimposed lifting; spiral steel wrenches for ball panels, curved panels, lifting, turning operations, etc.; tensile steel wrenches for steel, high tensile steel for bridges, pressure vessels, stainless steel The non-injured steel plate pliers are vertical, non-invasive, horizontal and non-invasive, and are mainly used for stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, non-ferrous metal plates, etc. without scratches.


Advantages of double steel lifting clamp


One: compact structure and light weight. This not only reduces our transportation costs, but also facilitates our carrying and handling when working in different locations.

Second: easy to operate, easy to use. Simply use tools such as electric hoists to simply lift the steel and other goods.

Three: The inside of the steel plate clamp is equipped with a spring precision cable device, which is more enough to ensure that the goods will not fall.

Four: The tong body itself is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel. The material has good resistance, good hardness and is not easy to wear.