Drum Lifting Clamp installation and structural features

- May 17, 2018-

When lifting heavy objects, the drum lifting pliers need to pay special attention to a certain extent. It is forbidden to enter the lifting range where the lifting of the hanging objects may occur. During the operation, due to the steel plate lifting pliers, the structural features of the clamping force reduction are reduced. When the steel plate lifting clamp is tipped over, if the worker enters the lifting range, it is easy to accident; when installing the steel lifting clamp, it is necessary to ensure that the plate lifting clamp is inserted (the deepest point of the opening is touched), and no insertion is allowed. Too shallow, if the insert is too shallow, it is easy to cause the clamp to come off and cause an accident.

Roller lifting pliers in the process of fixed weight, to a certain extent, it is necessary to ensure that the main body of the drum lifting pliers do not tilt, in the use of the need to ensure that the hanging opening parallel to the operation, found in the operation of the steel plate Tilt the main body of the lifting pliers, quickly loosen the tightening bolts, adjust the position of the plate lifting clamp body, and then reinstall it.

The drum lifting pliers is about 1-15 days in use, which is a cycle. If you need to perform lubrication, you need to lubricate him. This will make you feel more energetic. You need to lift the drum on the drum during operation. Rotate part of the bolts and bearings and the threaded part of the pressure nut is lubricated with oil, and then clean the ball chuck and the thread of the clamping bolt. If the wiping is not clean, the grease attached to the threads is very slippery and dangerous to operate.

To a certain extent, the drum lifting pliers need to periodically clean the steel lifting pliers, and do not allow the dirt to hide during use. In the ordinary use process, the steel wire ball or the rag is used to remove the steel plate clamped on the steel plate. The movable part of the tongs and the parts of the chuck and the debris on the clamping bolts. When encountering unremovable debris, replace the spherical chuck and the clamping bolt in time. Extended service life.

Important points to note when selecting and buying drum lifting pliers

Lifting pliers, also known as steel clamps, have a pivotal role in steel, machinery, petroleum and other industrial production fields. Steel plate clamps are meticulously categorized, with many varieties and models. If you do not know the type selection method and blindly purchase, you may not be able to buy steel plate tongs that are required for use. This will cause unnecessary troubles to the work and production, and even more serious accidents.