Drum lifting clamp use common sense

- Mar 17, 2018-

When the roller lifting pliers equipment is in use, it means that the lifting jaws are opened when the lifting operation is performed, and the stable clamping will inevitably be carried out after the weight of the work to be performed. When dismantling, it is necessary to pay attention to removing the lifting pliers after the heavy object has landed and no load is required. The drum lifting clamp have a self-locking device that is safe and reliable to work with. The operation is very convenient, the work efficiency is relatively high, and maintenance will also appear to be relatively simple.


When the drum lifting clamp is used in practice, it cannot be entered into the lifting operation range or the related turning area; no knocking or impacting of hanging objects and spreaders; no sudden movement or sudden stoppage of hanging objects can occur. .


The drum lifting clamp should be inspected prior to use. Pictures of the lifting clamps, biting heads, gaskets, clogging between teeth, wear conditions, and other anomalies should be checked before use; When it is time to avoid heavy lifting, for safety, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of more than two tongs; use of lifting clamps within the allowable load range must not be overloaded.


When the roller lifting pliers is in use, it must be ensured that the lifting height limiter is effective and avoids the occurrence of a hoisting accident. The driver should pay attention to checking whether the lifting height limiter is effective before the homework and fails. Do not start; after checking the steel drum lifting clamp, flip the lifting clamp to see if it will appear wear or crack deformation, the scrapping of the firm can not be used.


When the drum lifting clamp is in use, it is also necessary to check the use of the wire rope. Every shift must be carefully checked from the beginning to the end of each shift. Replace it if it does not meet the requirements. Only after the above requirements of the drum lifting pliers are realized can the normal use of the equipment be ensured and the safety of the equipment can be guaranteed.