Geared beam trolley precautions and specifications

- May 27, 2019-

When the geared beam trolley is carried out, it is mainly driven by the hoisting weight. During the running, it walks on the lower wing edge of the I-beam track, and the chain hoist or other lifting device is suspended under the trolley. It can be used as a manual lifting transport trolley. It can be installed on monorail overhead transport lines of straight or curved roads or manual single beam, bridge type and cantilever cranes. It is widely used in factories, mines, docks, docks, warehouses and computer rooms. Install the machine and lift the cargo, especially for equipment maintenance work in the unpowered location.


Handling monorail driving precautions


1. The trolley must not be used beyond the rated load.


2. When the trolley is lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for any person to walk or work under heavy objects.


3, the bearing and rail surface should be regularly filled with grease, and check whether the fasteners are loose.


Handling of monorail driving


1. Hand-pulled monorail driving is strictly prohibited.


2. When pulling heavy objects by hand on a monorail, it is strictly forbidden for any person to walk or work under heavy objects.


3. When pulling a heavy object with a single-track vehicle, the center of gravity should be in the plane of the I-beam web, otherwise do not lift it. The monorail trolley should be operated so that the chain is forced in the center plane of the bracelet wheel and must not be pulled diagonally.


4. If there is any abnormality in hand pull on the monorail driving, do not yank it. Stop using it immediately and check the reason.


5. Pull the monorail driving gear and the rail surface regularly to add lubricant, and check whether the fasteners are present.



6. Hand-drawn monorail driving hand-drawn monorail driving is carried out with the support of the I-beam, so the deformation, distortion, cracking or I-beam that does not meet the standard and has other defects cannot be used as a single-track driving.