Geared trolley installation adjustment instructions

- Feb 24, 2018-

Monorail driving hand in hand, the installation and installation, it is necessary to make some adjustments, so if you summarize, it is:

Adjustment 1: Geared trolley installation, the rings should be adjusted to the left and right inside the wall to adjust the number of washers, but if necessary, the number of washers in a difference of 1, in order to ensure the track side and the wheel rim between gap.

Adjustment 2: Geared trolley installed on the track, the nut should be pre-tensioned on the shaft, and to make the appropriate adjustments to make it appropriate tightness, not too tight. In addition, it should be noted that the nuts must be interlocked with each other.

Adjustment 3: When geared trolley installation is complete, you should adjust the gap between the roller sleeve and the track ground to meet the requirements. It should be noted that, you must first loosen the nut, and then move the roller sleeve shaft, the gap to achieve the required value, then tighten the nut, so that is the correct operation.