Hand chain hoist transmission and structural components

- Nov 12, 2018-

Although the hand chain hoist looks small in size, the parts inside are all available, mainly consisting of sprocket, hand chain, transmission machinery, lifting chain and upper and lower hooks. The mode is generally a gear type transmission, and it is also a widely used transmission mode for the present application.


The five-tooth long axis in the manual chain hoist is the main body of the transmission structure, which runs through the interior of the hoist; and the four-tooth short axis is at the center position, which is the same as the five-tooth long axis; the lifting sprocket is realized. The important part of the heavy chain operation, in combination with the lifting chain, uses ductile iron material; the piece gears pass through the meshing running gear.


The guide wheel is one of the important accessories for the manual chain hoist. Its function is to comb the chain and correct the chain, prevent the chain from turning over and pull the chain of the hoist chain. It also blocks the lifting chain, so that the lifting chain In the process of operation, no sloshing occurs and runs along a certain track; in addition, the guide wheel also protects the hoisting chain, and the chain runs in the groove of the guide wheel, which can effectively avoid Other items are involved in the chain.


When the hand chain hoist is operated, the friction plate ratchet and the brake seat are pressed together to rotate together by twisting the bracelet and the bracelet, and the five-tooth long shaft rotates the blade gear, the four-tooth short shaft and the spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting sprocket on the spline hole gear can drive the lifting chain to smoothly lift the weight.