Handling and maintenance requirements for handling small tanks

- Aug 29, 2018-

When handling small tanks, the bearing pressure is strong, and the material of the wheels is strong against the pressure of the silicone resin during operation. It can also protect the ground and prevent oil stains; the sliding wheel does not need maintenance, the rubber layer on the surface protects the material and increases stability; the load capacity is large, it can be equipped with a joystick, and the mobile type is convenient to turn. Easy to operate, as long as the use of the top tool can greatly save the work cycle. No maintenance is required, and the product itself is simple and requires no maintenance.

Handling small tanks

Handling small tanks can be used alone or in combination. In general, a single handling small tank can carry two to one hundred tons of equipment, and multiple handling small tank combinations can carry up to four hundred to The 600-ton large-scale equipment handling small tank is a heavy-duty transporter that can replace the traditional use of the rolling bar.

Handling small tanks is very convenient and time-saving, making it an ideal tool for handling heavy equipment. Handling small tanks can also be used in place of gantry when some equipment is installed in place. Turning to the unique design of the handling small tank, the flexible and variable operation mode has become a small handling tank specially designed for the lifting industry.

The handling of the small tank will be equipped with a tow bar, which facilitates the adjustment of the movable front wheel for the direction, which increases the comfort of the operation, makes the product operation more flexible and facilitates the handling of the goods. Handling small tanks has an even number of wheels, which makes the operation smooth during operation, avoiding tilting and improving the safety of the work.