Heavy equipment moving skates advantage

- Dec 16, 2017-

The heavy equipment moving skates is mainly used in the fields of automobile 4S shop, large-scale factory assembly line and automobile repair shop when it is used, for example, its aircraft and the bus factory manufacturing enterprise etc. The mobile trolley is effectively divided into a mobile vehicle And heavy equipment mobile trolley.

Heavy equipment moving skates in the production process of its entire work surface is mainly a very unique injection molding, the higher the strength of the equipment, equipment, clean surface in the process of processing will be easier to wipe the oil, handle the use of soft Plastic overall injection molding, more in line with ergonomics, injection molding panel can withstand Taiwan vise work.

Heavy equipment moving skates tool cart drawer can store a wealth of tool modules, the user can choose the module according to the actual situation, to create a mobile tool station. Overlapping ball slides on both sides of the drawer provide excellent smoothness and increased service life. The extended reach allows the drawer to be fully opened for easy access to the contents of the drawer.

Each drawer in a heavy equipment moving skates will have a self-locking function so that, to a certain degree, it effectively prevents its central lock from unlocking, the drawer is opened during movement, and both sides of the vehicle are covered with a mesh plate Double steel plate plus steel design, the body more solid, durable. Mesh plate for hanging tools or accessories, extended use of functions.

Heavy equipment moving skates central lock will effectively use the ring key structure, so you can extend its lock to a certain extent the use of life, in use in order to avoid losing the key can not open the drawer, each lock is equipped with a corresponding Number, as long as the number provided, you can reconfigure the key.