Heavy equipment moving skates and the reasons for its favor

- Mar 08, 2019-

When transporting tanks with heavy equipment, slow down at low speeds; be aware of the consequences of possible overturning, and take appropriate and reliable measures for preventive protection. Heavy equipment handling tanks need to remove obstacles such as sand and iron filings on the road surface. Because of the uneven road surface and some unpredictable reasons, the wheels of each tank may not be involved in the work at work, so it is recommended to put enough extra force when using the tank truck.


Straight heavy equipment handling tanks should be used in combination with more than three units to carry heavy loads or equipment. The wheels of the trucks should be inspected regularly. When the wheels of the handling tanks are found to be inflexible or have large bearing clearances, they must be replaced before they can be used again. .


Heavy equipment handling tanks have a wide range of applications and reliable performance. The reason why they are favored by customers is that heavy equipment carries tank forged steel plates and has strong bearing pressure. The wheels are made of silicone resin, which is resistant to pressure and can protect the ground and prevent oil stains. The wheel does not require maintenance and the rubber layer on the surface protects the material and increases.


Moreover, the heavy equipment handling tank has a large load capacity, can be equipped with a joystick, and is portable and easy to turn. Easy to operate, as long as the use of the top tool can greatly save the work cycle. No maintenance is required, and the product itself is simple and requires no maintenance.