Horizontal lifting clamp lifting method and precautions

- Oct 10, 2018-

The horizontal lifting clamp is literally a tool for lifting steel plates. It is also one of the lifting tools. We can use it for horizontal lifting when lifting steel plates. The tool has a simple structure and is convenient to carry, which facilitates the handling of various steel plates.


In the case of warehouse and on-site construction operations to transport steel plates, it is inseparable from horizontal lifting clamps. It is often labor-intensive and time-consuming to move steel plates by manpower. It may also cause bumps in steel plates, and steel plate clamps are greatly The labor rate of production has been increased, and this safe and reliable tool staff is all praise.


Horizontal lifting clamps are often used to lift steel plates with a large area. In order to ensure safe operation, it is necessary to know the weight and thickness of the steel plates before lifting the horizontal lifting clamps. It is strictly forbidden to overload and oversize. At the same time, it should be noted that there should be a gap between the steel plate and the ground that is slightly larger than the thickness of the bottom of the tongs to avoid damage to the tongs.


Finally, the horizontal lifting clamp should keep the steel level as much as possible during the lifting operation. The angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane should not be greater than 7 degrees. If it exceeds 7 degrees, it should be adjusted in time. When the steel plate is grounded, it should be prevented from being stable, so that the hook can be withdrawn. If the lifting length of the steel plate is large, it can be lifted by two pairs of horizontal steel plate tongs, which is more safe.