Horizontal plate lifting clamp maintenance

- Dec 30, 2017-

Horizontal plate lifting clamp is mainly used to lift the level of steel, because of its unique characteristics, which is able to clamp the plate, completed lifting. Horizontal plate lifting clamps want to use the longer, to a large extent, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to be necessary to make the necessary maintenance, otherwise speaking, in terms of its retirement standards, you need to immediately To scrap.


Then, on the horizontal plate lifting clamp maintenance, before and after each use to speak, it is to a large extent that is to pay attention should be to check the various parts there is no abnormal situation, is more common Finger clamp cracks occur. Hole or shaft deformation and the rotating part of the scratch, rust and clamp body damage.


Furthermore, the horizontal plate lifting clamp on the maintenance of its identity after the loss should be promptly to make up, to avoid wrong; Moreover, this device is not used for a long time, it is to a large extent Grease should be applied to all moving parts; rusting and damage to the surface of the horizontal vise should also be prevented as far as the storage location is concerned.


Next, in fact, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the horizontal plate lifting clamp is to pay attention to the parts on the replacement and scrapped. Timely replacement and scrapped is actually a safety performance of the equipment itself, meanwhile it is used to ensure the quality of the equipment itself. At the same time, to a great extent, it is to ensure the safety of users.


The clamp on the horizontal plate lifting clamp should be scrapped when its wearing height reaches 10% of the original height. When the clamp shaft wear on the horizontal steel lifting clamp reaches 2.5% of the original diameter, Is its overall movement of the transverse forceps is not flexible, after sliding on different parts of the lubricating oil after still not working, it is also necessary to pay attention to their retirement, to avoid the level of steel lifting clamp user failure.