Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps Cleaning Treatment and Lubrication Requirements

- Aug 12, 2017-

Horizontal plate lifting clamps is a lifting steel plate type of small lifting equipment, the product in the use of its compact structure, light weight and easy installation, horizontal plate lifting clamps is widely mechanical processing, steel welding, steel market, Steel horizontal and vertical handling and other work occasions.

Horizontal plate lifting clamps.jpg

Horizontal plate lifting clamps in the process of making the main use of its imports of carbon bonded steel made of, so that to a certain extent, the effective guarantee of its steel clamp lifting capacity, lifting capacity, so that horizontal plate lifting clamps to improve the use of capacity.

Horizontal plate lifting clamps is very suitable for its horizontal lifting, the entire equipment in the process of lifting the crane shall not be suspended objects, the rated load is used in pairs of hanging clamp, hanging fixture is 60 degrees when the maximum allowable lifting Weight, hoisting operations in two or four supporting groups used.

Horizontal plate lifting clamps in the use of about 15 days is the need for its products to be lubricated, so that it can make it energetic, to effectively rotate the part of the product of the bolts and bearings also have the nut part of the nut Lubricate, and then wipe the spherical chuck and the threads of the clamping bolts.

Horizontal plate lifting clamps in the use of the need for regular cleaning of the product, do not let the dirt in the use of hiding place, with a rag or wire to clear the folder in the steel clamp hanging movable parts and chuck Bits and debris on the clamping bolt.

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