Horizontal plate lifting clamps lifting effect and precautions

- Jan 20, 2018-

Since there are vertical steel plate lifting clamps designed for vertical lifting steel plates, there are of course horizontal plate lifting clamps corresponding to horizontal lifting steel plates. Such devices are usually made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel made of materials, lifting operations are basically two or four clamps supporting the use.


Horizontal plate lifting clamps lifting process, may not be collision was hanging objects, its test load is 2 times the maximum working load, it is prohibited to overload. Before use to check the biting head, gaskets, interdental plug, wear status and other anomalies, check before use.


Horizontal steel lifting clamp hoisting steel process, the object can not be moved sharply or abruptly stopped; In addition, not only within the allowable plate thickness range, but also for its selection of suitable for lifting the steel clamp can not only improve Efficiency, but also ensure safety.


Because the steel plate has sharp edges, if the sling directly with the rope, it will seriously damage the rope, or even cut off the rope, padded protection effect is not large, so in order to facilitate the lifting of the plate, the emergence of horizontal plate Heavy clamp such equipment.


Horizontal plate lifting clamps is divided into several different models to meet our needs, we can according to the length and breadth of the plate size, stacking situation, the use of different types of horizontal plate lifting clamp, but they are used to complete the horizontal steel hoisting .