Horizontal plate lifting clamps safety operation management important content

- Dec 27, 2018-

Lifting equipment is an important part of lifting operations. Therefore, strict management of equipment involved in lifting operations is an extremely important part of the entire lifting safety management process. There are many types of lifting equipment, including horizontal lifting steel lifting clamps.


In fact, the lifting capacity of the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp is not static, but often changes with the working state. Lifting operators must be very familiar with the performance and limitations of all aspects of the lifting equipment involved in the operation. Those who do not have operational qualifications or are unfamiliar with the equipment are prohibited from operating the equipment. For some lifting devices designed to be intrinsically safe, not only can they be taken lightly, but once the safety device fails, it can also have serious consequences. Enterprises should organize training to familiarize operators with the performance of equipment and avoid misconduct.


There is a certain loss after the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp is used for a period of time. In order to delay the speed of the loss, it is necessary to maintain the lifting equipment. When the lifting equipment fails or is damaged, it must be repaired in time. After the repair, it should be confirmed by the special equipment inspection department. Maintenance is not only a necessary condition for ensuring safety, but also an important measure to reduce the cost of the enterprise. The enterprise should properly manage the maintenance according to its own characteristics. The process of maintenance and repair should be kept on record.