Horizontal steel plate lifting clamps classification and use

- Mar 10, 2018-

As for the horizontal steel plate lifting clamps produced by our company, they are manufactured using the best imported carbon-bonded steel. The use of such materials directly guarantees the lifting of horizontal steel plates. The lifting capacity of the pliers, lifting capacity, then allows horizontal steel lifting pliers to improve the use of capacity, service life, to enable customers to achieve satisfaction.


After that, the classification of plate lifting clamps, horizontal plate lifting clamps, will include TMS handle horizontal plate lifting clamps, and THK/THKS horizontal lifting plate lifting clamps, PDB horizontal lifting clamps. Lifting pliers, in addition L vertical lifting plate lifting clamp, LA horizontal lifting plate lifting clamp, PPD horizontal lifting plate lifting clamp and its HPC horizontal lifting plate lifting clamp, flip lifting clamp, YDG steel beam pile up Heavy pliers and the like belong to steel lifting clamps.


When it comes to the use of horizontal steel plate lifting clamps, it will actually apply to the horizontal lifting of steel plates. Like many plate lifting clamp devices, it will, to a large extent, be used in shipyards and steel. Structural installation, steel market and a series of mechanical processing or transport equipment are used. Furthermore, steel plate lifting clamps are also used in a series of steel plate cutting, horizontal steel plate handling, steel plate vertical movement, etc. Among the places.


Afterwards, the use of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel for the horizontal steel plate lifting pliers will ensure the corrosion resistance of the lifting pliers equipment, and the equipment itself will be lighter. At the same time as the species, the burden on the work can also be within the range.


Horizontal steel plate lifting pliers should pay attention to the possibility of collision when lifting. The rated load on the horizontal plate lifting clamp is also used when the pair of tongs are used in pairs and the lifting point clamp is 60 degrees. The maximum weight of lifting, horizontal steel lifting clamp equipment in the lifting operation, there should be two or four supporting the use of a group.