How should the novice use the oil drum lifting clamp

- Jun 21, 2017-

First, the operator did not use the oil drum before the use of the total weight of the oil drum was tested, then do not meet the requirements, you should first determine the total weight of the oil drum to see if there is no overload.

Second, the operator in the formal operation of the time, just started lifting too fast, heavy objects in the process of running instability, it is likely to cause the use of dangerous accidents. Should be slow lifting, in the process of rising to maintain a smooth, to avoid violent shaking.

Third, the operator in the lifting of heavy objects when the tilt is too large, likely to cause danger. Should be kept in a vertical rise and fall state.

Fourth, after the use of the operator directly to the clamp to prevent the side did not do any measures, the use of the hanging clamp is very bad. Should be done in time to clean up the lubrication work to ensure the next smooth use.