How to correctly use horizontal plate clamp

- Jan 17, 2019-

The horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp should be inspected before lifting. The center of gravity of the steel plate should be located at the center of the polygons of the two sets of lifting clamps. The horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp should be in a horizontal state after lifting the steel plate. When the angle between the steel plate and the horizontal plane is greater than 7 degrees, the horizontal clamp position should be re-adjusted.


In the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp operation, there is no personnel in the dangerous area below. According to the weight and thickness of the steel plate, choose the appropriate steel plate lifting clamp, and it is strictly prohibited to use it. During the lifting process, it is strictly forbidden to collide and impact the steel plate to be lifted; do not carry out two or more overlapping lifting and pad lifting work.


Use horizontal plate clamps within the allowable load range and plate thickness; products that cannot be repaired should be disposed of immediately to prevent dangerous accidents caused by misuse; avoid rapid movement or rapid stop of heavy objects, and prevent heavy objects Hit or slip off; do not use a horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp to lift one cable. The horizontal tongs must be inserted into the work until the steel plate is in contact with the inner side wall of the horizontal lifting tongs.