How to distinguish vertical lifting clamps

- Jun 19, 2019-

Vertical lifting clamps are one of the common lifting slings used to lift and transport plain steel sheets placed vertically. It uses the weight of the hanging object to generate the clamping force and has a safety self-locking device operated by the handle. The load range is 0-10 tons. It can only hoist a steel plate at the same time, and it is strictly prohibited to stack and hoist.


In the purchase, it is not only necessary to understand the model parameters but also to judge whether the quality is passed according to the shape. As a leader in the steel lifting clamp industry, vertical lifting clamps teach you how to choose lifting clamps based on years of experience in the production of lifting clamps:


Pay attention to the type of vertical lifting clamp that is suitable for your needs. Its main material is alloy steel; it is selected by the maximum load and the thickness of the board. Through the appearance appraisal, the surface of the high-quality tongs should be free of cracks, damage, smooth and smooth. Key points: Carefully observe the welding position of the tongs. The welding of high-quality tongs should be free of gaps, slag inclusions, and no welding deformation. Choose a well-known brand of vertical lifting clamps, so that your business benefits will be maximized and your rights will be more secure.