How to ensure the safety of steel plate lifting clamp

- Feb 22, 2020-

In the current use of large steel plate lifting clamps, the load test has been carried out before leaving the factory. Heavy steel plate lifting clamps can be safely used. Many netizens believe that steel plate lifting clamps can be overweight and use 1.5 times, so using overload should be safe and reliable. Steel plate lifting clamp products use a thicker splint when using 1.5 times the load test. When short-term overload is applied to a certain safety use, how can users understand and choose to use steel plate lifting clamps?

Because the use of steel plate lifting clamps for overload is temporary, users can only use it a few times, or use steel plate lifting clamps for short-term use in emergency situations. If long-term overload is used, there will be some safety issues, so correct use can only Effectively reduce the occurrence of steel plate lifting clamp application accidents. The main advantage is that the steel plate lifting clamp cannot withstand high loads and cause overload, will not cause problems such as fracture, and even greater safety, so only according to regulations. Requirements in order to achieve the ideal safe use efficiency.

At the same time, when using steel plate lifting tongs, it is necessary to ensure that the steel plate body of the lifting tongs is not inclined and suspended, and the openings of the objects are parallel. If a lifting body of the tongs is found on the steel plate main body, and the adjustment bolt is adjusted and reinstalled, When clamping the position of the steel plate body steel plate lifting clamp, if you use a half-month cycle, you must add oil once to make it full of energy, and add lubricating oil to the rotating part.

Currently used steel plate lifting tongs, including "C" shaped hook and pulley device, and the pin shaft is fixed on the clamp plate by a hexagonal lock nut, and the clamp plate is connected to the "C" shaped pliers by pins, which effectively prevents The steel wire rope bends the short steel wire, and prevents the wire from being damaged during use, which affects the installation or replacement of the steel wire rope, and also prevents the steel wire rope from being caught.