How to maintain steel lifting clamps

- Feb 20, 2020-

At present, steel plate lifting clamps are widely used, and there are many specifications and models, so users can refer to the corresponding products according to the purpose. Now, crane steel plate lifting clamps include a specific block, and the top of one side of the specific block is welded to the clamp In the above, the splint and the fixed block are parallel to each other, and the movable plate is connected to the top of the fixed block. The outside of the movable plate is evenly connected with the connection hole in its height direction. ?

Today's improved steel plate clamp is a steel plate clamped clamp tool, which is easy to remove between steel plates, has a drag steel plate clamp, and has rollers arranged between the two clamp plates Therefore, the steel plate lifting clamp not only strengthens the clamping force, but also makes the steel plate lifting clamp thinner, the steel plate is improved, the applicability of the steel plate lifting clamp is suitable for marketing, and the steel plate lifting clamp is a common lifting tool. The user should be careful when using it. If the operator is negligent or improperly operated, it may cause the hanging object or spreader to fall and cause an accident.

Due to the safety accidents in the process of using steel plate lifting clamps, it is mainly due to improper clamp installation, improper operator operation, improper choice of spreaders and rigging, lifting failure and overload restrictions, etc., which are necessary. Pay attention to the pliers to prevent accidents. In order to effectively prevent the steel plate lifting tongs from being excessively wounded, the operator should check whether the height limiter is correct after operation.

If a steel plate lifting clamp fails when used, first check the clamps for wear or cracks. It is not allowed. Use waste to check the condition of the wire rope. You must carefully check the wire rope from beginning to end for wear and obvious Deformation, so that we can understand the hidden dangers of the failure and solve the practical application problem.