How to maintain the long-term machine moving skates

- May 13, 2019-

For long-term machine moving skates, we also need to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work, and carry out serious inspection work. If it is found that the parts are damaged or rusted, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure normal use. It is easy to accumulate dust during long-term placement, so wipe off dust and debris on the surface to prevent dust from eroding the surface of the machine.


After cleaning the machine handling tank, apply grease and anti-rust grease, apply a thin layer, and dry it after painting, which is good for oil absorption. No matter what type of handling small tank machine handling tanks, it is important to pay attention to the slopes, because once the tanks slide down the slope, the consequences are serious.


The items to be transported must be fixed in the machine to transport the tank. The slope is too large, and the falling of the items occurs. When the mechanical traction device is used for fixed traction to prevent the heavy objects from being pulled, the sliding phenomenon occurs. The optimal number of machines to be used with multiple tanks is 3 or 4, so please do not choose single or two handling small tanks, resulting in instability.


For machine handling tanks where the space is small, the space is too high, or the slope is too steep, you should choose the right model to use. In the case of slope, if your machine handling tank is not a professional model for slope, in the case of no one, after fixing the tank, slowly pull it, do not use too much force.