Inspection standard for horizontal plate clamp

- Jun 21, 2019-

The allowable wear value of the horizontal plate clamp shall not exceed 10% of the diameter of the spreader bar or the thickness of the auxiliary tool; any part may be broken, broken, cracked, bent or twisted and stuck or deadlocked between the chains. And so on, and can not be used when it can not be excluded.


The horizontal lifting steel lifting clamps are not allowed to be repaired or reprocessed by themselves, including welding, heating, heat treatment and surface chemical treatment. If the above treatment is necessary, it should be sent back to the original expert for guidance; the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamps are as follows: The situation should be repaired or replaced at the factory.


Specifically, there are deformation and damage of the horizontal lifting steel lifting clamp and its accessories; individual parts are elongated, or individual parts are obviously worn; cracks, cuts, thermal discoloration, excessive discoloration, excessive corrosion occur on the links, wire ropes or spreaders, Chains are bent or deformed and other defects.