Installation size and height adjustment of hand-drawn monorail

- Aug 23, 2018-

To a certain extent, monorail driving can be effectively divided into two types: split-hand drive and hand-drawn driving. The hand-drawn driving is driven by a bracelet, and the hand-propelled vehicle is driven by hand to push the heavy object, and can freely walk on the lower wing of the I-beam. On the edge, and the wheel rim spacing can be adjusted according to the width of the I-beam track, the manual hoist is suspended under the driving, which can form a manual lifting transport trolley.

The hand-drawn monorail is driven by a bracelet and walks on the lower edge of the track of the I-beam. It can be combined with a chain hoist to form a bridge, single beam or cantilever crane. Monorail trolleys are widely used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc. Monorail trolleys are used to install machinery and equipment, and where cargo is lifted, monorail trolleys are especially suitable for operations in power-free locations. The monorail trolley is safe to use and easy to maintain.

The structure of the hand-drawn monorail is compact and the installation size is small. The wheel spacing adjustment of the whole equipment is very convenient. It is suitable for the hinge connection of the left and right wall panels of various I-steel monorail cars to some extent. Under the action of gravity, Adjust the height yourself so that the four wheels are evenly stressed. The monorail trolley has high transmission efficiency and small hand pull force. It can be driven on corners with a small radius of gyration. Manual monorail trolleys can be hung on a variety of small cranes or mounted on fixed I-beams, with hand-held hoists to form a complete hoist. Warehouse workshops and power stations with low requirements for work efficiency can be used for installation, maintenance equipment or lifting of heavy objects.