Instructions for The Vertical Plate Clamps

- Aug 07, 2017-

In the use of vertical plate clamps for the lifting process, we must as much as possible to ensure the safety of operations. Therefore, the user must advance to the relevant instructions to use a certain understanding, and to master the appropriate operating skills. The operator needs to check the equipment before performing the lifting clamps and must arrange for the suspension to be engaged.

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Before we start the work, we must first carefully check the vertical plate lifting clamps and its related equipment is good, especially in which the head, gasket and teeth between the serious wear and tear, whether it is blocked, all Of the rotating parts are running flexible. In addition, you should also check and ensure that the spring locking device is running sensitive and reliable, fasteners and other loose problems. When you check and confirm the correct, you can work.

In the course of the operation, we must be in accordance with the lifting of the specific specifications of the steel plate and weight and other parameters to select the appropriate vertical lifting plate clamp. In the process of lifting the steel plate, it must be ensured that the steel plate is clamped and the spring locking device is pulled to the locking position before it can start lifting.

As a user, we have to create a file on the use of vertical plate lifting clamps in order to keep track of all the cases in order to facilitate post-inspection. It should be noted that during the lifting process, not from the top of the staff through, and hoisting personnel should be in front of the road ahead at least two meters range to remind other operators to pay attention to safety.

In addition, in daily work, we must as much as possible to protect the vertical plate lifting clamps, shall not be beat or collision and so on. In the lifting process, should pay attention to avoid a sharp move or a sudden stop and so on. If the hanging material is heavy, then in order to ensure safety, you should use at least two vertical plate lifting clamps.

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