Instructions for use of oil drum clamps

- Jun 21, 2017-

First, the use of the process in order to ensure smooth operation, from time to time to the parts to smear a little oil, especially the activities of the joints. If the lack of lubricating oil between the various parts of the friction will increase, the length of life is affected.

Second, to ensure that the clamp can not be stained with oil, or between the oil barrels and jaws will be reduced between the friction is not conducive to the safe lifting of oil drums.

Third, to ensure a steady and steady rise. Oil tank filled with liquid, if the sudden rise will make the liquid shaking, followed by the entire oil drum will become more and more unstable, and ultimately cause the wear and tear of the lifting force or even the fall of oil drums.

Fourth, drop the oil tank when the action should be light and to the level of landing, or easily lead to oil drums fell to the ground.

Fifth, make sure not to overload before lifting.

Above is the use of oil drums hanging clamp should pay attention to the five points, the majority of users must bear in mind.