Instructions for use of steel plate handling clamps

- Jun 24, 2019-

During the operation of the steel plate handling clamps, some precautions must be explained in advance. For example, the suspension loading and unloading operations must be carried out by the qualified person in the hanging and loading operation; the steel plate handling pliers model conforming to the application is selected and within the allowable load range. It is allowed to be used within the thickness range.


Steel plate handling pliers shall not be used for heavy lifting, stage hoisting, total hoisting, hoisting and horizontal hoisting; never enter the hanging or turning area of the hoist; do not hit or collide with hanging objects and spreaders; Or stop abruptly; avoid lifting weights, and use more than 2 hanging utensils for safety.


Steel plate handling pliers should be inspected before use, bite, gasket, inter-tooth blockage, wear and other abnormal phenomena, and then used after inspection. Steel plate handling pliers are strictly prohibited from being overloaded; rigorously staying in the air during long-term load, these may have adverse effects on the safe use of steel plate handling pliers.