Lifting and lifting structure of double steel plate clamp

- May 22, 2019-

The double-steel lifting clamp is mainly made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel and has a hollow structure. It is light and meets the strength requirements during operation, and is reasonably distributed between the connecting arm and the forceps arm under the premise of ensuring lightness. The relationship between the tongs and the support table is designed with appropriate tooth shape, and the contact surface between the tongs and the support table and the steel plate is increased as much as possible, so as to increase the friction and achieve the purpose of not damaging the steel plate. Proper heat treatment of the tongue and the support table teeth greatly increases the service life of the jaws.


Lifting of double steel lifting clamp


1. Do not use objects other than steel.


2, not used for objects with too high hardness.


3. Objects with irregular slopes may not be used for vertical lifting.


4. It is not possible to use vertical cranes in the case of horizontal bite.


5, the vertical crane can not hang more than 2 overlapping objects.


6. Lifting objects such as rust, oil, paint and other foreign objects should be wiped off before using lifting clamps.


7. It can't be used when the lifting temperature is higher than 150 °C-20 °C.