Lifting and Use Requirements of Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

- May 10, 2018-

The vertical plate lifting clamps is a kind of tool used for lifting the articles during the use. The lifting and using manners of the vertical steel lifting pliers can be effectively divided into a flip lifting clamp, a horizontal lifting lifting clamp, and a vertical lifting lifting. Pliers, vertical steel lifting pliers to a certain extent has the characteristics of its uniform distribution of horizontal lifting.

The vertical plate lifting clamps need to open the lifting jaws during the lifting operation so that it can be firmly clamped on the heavy work and then lifted. When dismantling, remove the lifting pliers when the weight is on the ground and no load is applied. Hanging lifting pliers with self-locking device, work safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high work efficiency, easy maintenance.

The use of vertical plate lifting clamps

1. The suspending and hanging operation of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp must be carried out by qualified personnel of the suspending loading operation.

2. Use the tongs that match the purpose when performing the operation.

3. The vertical plate lifting clamp can be used within the allowable load range and must not be overloaded.

4. The vertical steel lifting pliers must not enter the lifting operation range or the reversal area.

5. The vertical steel lifting pliers must not enter the hoisting work area or turning area.

6. Do not knock or impact hanging objects and spreaders.

7. Do not allow the hanger to move sharply or stop it abruptly.

8. Lifting pliers of vertical steel plate to a certain extent to avoid the heavy weight of its hanging, in the use of the best use of more than two tongs for safety.

9. Check the use of the vertical steel plate lifting pliers before use. Check the biting head, gasket, blockage between the teeth, wear state and other abnormalities.

Lifting of vertical plate lifting clamps

1. The vertical plate lifting pliers cannot use objects other than steel during operation.

2. Vertical plate lifting clamps are not used for objects with excessive hardness.

3. Objects with irregular slopes cannot be erected.

4. Hanging is not available under horizontal biting conditions.

5. Vertical steel lifting clamps cannot lift more than 2 overlapping objects.

6. When lifting objects such as rust, oil, paint, etc. are stuck on the lifting material of the vertical plate lifting clamp, use lifting clamps.

7. It is not allowed to use when the lifting temperature is higher than 150°C-20°C.